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  • Complete Set of Officer Pins
  • Yellow Ribbon/OES charm bracelet
  • 50-75 Year Pins
  • Masonic Year Pins
  • Charms
  • OES Drop
  • Love Bracelet
  • Cross Bracelet
  • Charm Bracelet
  • Star Errings
  • Dangle Earrings
  • Butterfly Dangel (RON-OES-Amaranth-White Shrine
  • Costume Rings
  • Shrine Earrings
  • OES & Masonic frogs
  • Star Flower
  • Angel Pin
  • Rhinestone Butterfly
  • Starfish Pin
  • OES Necklace
  • Station Pins
  • Star Point Pins
  • Memory Pins
    Jewelry # 3 & Pins

    Below you will find a large listing of Jewelry and Pins that are available. If there is a piece that you want but do not see listed, please contact me( ) and I will be happy to help you find it!

    For fine RINGS - WATCHES - PINS, please click here

    Click for Past Matron / Past Patron Jewelry

    OES Yellow Ribbon-Remember our Troops- Charm Bracelet.
    Ladies, I make these to wear as a constant reminder of those special troops we are praying for. This shows not only your love for OES, but for our thoughts and prayers for our troops. Remember, even if you don't buy one, take a minute and pray for the safety of our troops. They are giving their ALL for our freedom! May God Bless each one!

    These come in 2 sizes..the first here is 7-1/2 inch..the next one down is 8 inch.

    ****** OES Bracelet. Ladies some have asked for a bit larger bracelet so we are offering this same bracelet only the size is 8 inch. These are 17.95, only a dollar more, but a better fit if your wrist is larger.

    10 - 50 Year Pins - $6.25 each
    These are very nice! Star circled by a wreath, very pretty and affordable. Years available are 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50. Also have 60, 70 & 75, but these are higher. Please e-mail for prices.
    Specify year:

    Click here for Jewelry 1

    OES 50-55-60-65-70- 75 Year Pins - $10.75 each
    Do you need a nice little banner pin in a pretty Presentation box? These come in a pretty HEART SHAPED, PEARL box, and they really show the years well.
    Specify year:

    Masonic Year Pins with Rhinestone - $ 10.25
    Specify year:

    Masonic Year Pins - $ 6.50
    Specify year:

    CHARMS only $12.00 each
    These are beautiful little charms with rhinestones. They also can be used as a necklace if you have a fine chain. Very pretty and delicate. A lovely reminder of your year.
    Choose between:

    OES Drop - $4.75 each
    New item: these are OES drops..they can be put on a chain for neck, etc..but I have several, and I use one as a sweater pull, and one on my handbag,gym bag, even Key ring... so cute. Gold plated.

    Beautiful LOVE Bracelet at ONLY $8.00 each

    This is a precious gift. It says "Love" in several languages. Have cut out hearts in the silver finish,and has a heart dangle at the end of the bracelet. It is a nice, heavy bracelet, with a good clasp. It comes with a card, on one side is a place titled "Especially for: and a "from", ...the other side has a beautiful Poem expressing love for you..this is a very special Valentine gift, or something special for yourself. I had to have one.

    Cross Bracelet - $10.00
    Very pretty, tiny rhinestones in different colors, with small dangling cross in colored rhinestones.

    Charm Bracelet - $10.50 each
    Cute little charm bracelet in either gold looking finish or rhodium plate with link bracelet with the 5 color OES Star dangling.
    Choose Between:

    Star Earrings - $7.00 Pair
    Cute and Pierced! A darling dangle earring in theshape of a silver star with the points of the star colored stones, tiny and so cute.

    Dangle Earrings - $10.00 Pair
    Dangle with round ring of rhinestones and the OES emblem in the center. Very Elegant. Pierced or CLIP . Available in either silver or gold finish. Please tell me which you prefer.

    OES Butterfly Pin, w/dangle charm - $7.25
    This is a precious pin. If you love Butterflies as much as I do, you will adore this cute pin. These are available in OES,oes WITH GAVEL, DON, Amaranth, White Shrine and Rainbow. Please tell me which emblem you perfer.
    Choose Between:

    OES Large Rhinestone Costume Ring only 14.00 each
    This ring is very beautiful, adjustable, This is perfect until you find that "special" ring you have your heart set on.

    OES Colored Stone Costume Ring only 18.50
    This ring is so cute, looks so pretty on your finger. Full color stones and so reasonable for a costume ring..This is perfect until you find that "special" ring you have your heart set on.

    OES Ring -ONLY $16.50 each
    This is cute, and so reasonable to wear for fun, or until you find that "special" expensive one you have your heart set on. These have the enameled star, and rhinestones and even come in a velvet box. These come in sizes 6-7-8 ONLY, and please order early enough to ensure I have your size in stock.(sorry the pic is not too good)

    FROGS for your glasses - 4.00 each
    Ok Stars, this is a handy you will use over and over..these frogs hang over your visor and clip to hold your handy and make a cute/useful gift as well, besides it shows off our pride in our Fraternal Families.

    our beloved Star Flower, in all the glorious colors, just so very, very pretty. You will love this pin.

    Butterfly Rhinestone pin - $14.95 each
    Large & beautiful. If you love Butterflies, you will love this very large pin. It has the fullcolor OES emblem in the center. Comes in a beautiful Velvet presentation box.

    Stunning Starfish Pin - $13.50 each
    This is an extremely lovely Pin. Lots of Rhinestones, and very attractive. It goes perfectly with the story "one does make a difference."

    Beautiful Star Necklace at only 24.95 each
    This is a very pretty necklace, with lots of rhinestones and has the look of an antique piece, very pretty, with a beautiful chain, all for a very affordable price.

    Station Pins- EACH ***** only a very few of these left...18.95
    These are very lovely pins. Filled with Rhinestones., large, and beautiful.
    Indicate Design of Your Choice:

    Star Point Pins- EACH $18.95
    These are very lovely pins. Filled with Rhinestones, in COLOR of their Station., large, and beautiful.
    Indicate Design of Your Choice:

    Fraternal Memory Pin - $10.00 each
    Worthy Matron, Do you need to honor a Departed Member? Or give a special gift to the family for only ten dollars? Something they can wear with pride? These are very beautiful little pins, with the Masonic symobl in blue & gold finish, sitting on white, with a green wreath, which means peace/ or rest in peace, and the shield in colbalt blue that says Fraternal Rest. Such a small amount of money for such a lasting tribute. (Note: These are also worn by those giving the service, either in Lodge or at the funeral/graveside.)
    Choose between:

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