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    Tapestry 2 SIDED RAINBOW-AMARANTH Tote - $25.00

    Beautiful full tapestry tote, fully lined,with RAINBOW ON ONE SIDE, AMARANTH THE OTHER SIDE. 16x16 inches, large..this tote will tote it all!. See above pic!

    Rainbow Beanie Bears - $12.50 each

    Precious little Beanie for that very special Rainbow! These darling bears make excellent gifts, for adults as well as for the girls. They also show a very visible source of pride in our Organization. These beanies are designed and made exclusively for me, with part of the proceeds going to support the Rainbow Organization. Buy these with pride!

    Amaranth Rainbow, OES,White Shrine, Ladies Orential,DON & Beauceant Book Marks -50 for 14.50
    . (Others on request) These are a white leatherette bookmark, about 2-1/4 x 5 inches. The top of the bookmarker is slit to slip over the top of the page.Very nice little favor.
    Choose One:

    OES Butterfly Pin, w/dangle charm - $7.25
    This is a precious pin. If you love Butterflies as much as I do, you will adore this cute pin. These are available in OES,oes WITH GAVEL, DON, Amaranth, White Shrine and Rainbow. Please tell me which emblem you perfer.
    Choose Between:

    Rainbow Pins
    Fine Cloisonne pins in the original colors. Perfect for ANY Rainbow Girl!

    RAINBOW Pin - $6.95

    RAINBOW Brag Pin - $8.95
    No ribbon, for demonstration only...use any ribbon..gros-grain works best.

    Rainbow and Heart Pin - $5.50

    RAINBOW Heart Pin - $6.00

    Rainbow Cloud Bracelet -SOLD OUT...TRYING TO GET MORE.. $14.00

    RAINBOW with Pot of Gold 7.95

    RAINBOW Coin purse $ 6.00 each

    This is NOT a good photo..we will replace this photo. These are sooo cute,in beautiful tapestry with the woven Rainbow emblem on both sides. This has a zipper and is the perfect size to tuck next to you in the chair, holding keys, makeup, mints..makes a really cute gift as well, but be sure to get one for yourself first.

    Rainbow Afghan - $50.00
    These are just beautiful. All the symbols and meanings are here. The Afghan is 49 x 67 inches and washes beautifully. They use these as wall hanging as well as table covers, as well as the traditional use as a Beautiful Afghan to snuggle up with. They make a beautiful gift too.

    Rainbow Pillow

    Large - $17.50

    Small - $5.00

    Rainbow Garment Bags - $12.00 each
    Large formal bags, white with gold emblem. Also carry OES, Masonic, Amaranth, Shrine & others. E-mail for questions.
    Choose Garment Bag:

    Rainbow Full Color Notes with Envelopes - $6.95 for 12
    (Others on request) These are a white, full color notecards..very nice. These are boxed, so make a useful gift, or use them yourself for all those notes you should be sending out. These show you care.

    Rainbow Thank You Notes - $4.50 for 12
    Nice white paneled note cards with matching envelopes. Thank You on the front with your choice of emblems. I also have OES, Masonic, Rainbow, and Daughters of the Nile. Emblems in Gold.
    Select Emblem:

    More Napkins
    I also have napkins, note cards, jewelry, garment bags, bookmarks, gummed emblems, jewelry, traveling pins, Past Matron's Jewels and others available for Amaranth. Please email me for details.

    Rainbow Informal Notes with Envelopes - $3.00 for 12
    Very nice Informal Notes, with matching envelopes. Gold Emblem on White vellum, w/wreath. A very nice and versatile card. These show you care.

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