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The Best Appetite Suppressant for Weight Loss



best appetite suppressant pills

An appetite suppressant can be an effective weight loss tool, but only if it’s used properly. Choosing the best appetite suppressant is all about finding a product that will give you the results you want without compromising your overall health and well-being. If you’re worried about using an appetite suppressant or would like to consider alternatives, check out this comprehensive guide to best appetite suppressant for weight loss on the market today.

Which Type of Supplement Should I Take

There are many appetite suppressants available. Some products work in different ways and some may be better than others depending on your individual needs. You should start with a basic diet and exercise routine and try to lose at least 5% of your starting weight (or 15-20 pounds) before you begin using an appetite suppressant. If you don’t lose any weight within 4-6 weeks, add in an appetite suppressant to help you along in your journey to weight loss success.

Natural Appetite Control Pills

Many dieters turn to prescription drugs in an attempt to lose weight. While these medications can be very effective, their side effects can also be severe. Natural appetite suppressants are a healthier alternative and have fewer side effects, but they’re not quite as powerful as some of those prescription options. Using natural appetite control pills along with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has been shown to have a positive effect on appetite. In one study of overweight men, those who took green tea extract had a reduced desire to eat and tended to consume fewer calories than those in a control group (1). Green tea extract can be purchased in capsule form at any health food store. Follow label directions. If you want to make your own, here is an easy recipe: Steep two bags of green tea in 8 oz. boiling water for 5 minutes; cool. Drink up to three cups per day as desired. Note that decaffeinated versions may not work as well because they contain fewer catechins.

Ginseng Root

Another herb used as an appetite suppressant is ginseng root. Ginseng doesn’t burn calories, but it does contain substances that affect hormone levels in your body and trigger a feeling of fullness. It has also been linked with boosting energy and metabolism. Studies have shown mixed results, however; some found that taking ginseng before meals helped people lose weight while others found no effect on weight loss at all. If you want to try using ginseng to curb your hunger, look for supplements containing Korean red or Panax ginseng the two types most commonly studied, or try drinking tea made from boiled roots instead.

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