The psychology behind Buying a 명품

You’ve probably witnessed women or maybe even yourself (if you’re one) buying these amazing handbags that have exorbitant prices. In spite of having such hefty prices, women love to buy branded luxury purses and their demand never seems to decline. What is the psychology behind women making such costly purchases? Is buying a luxury handbag an expense or an investment? Let’s find out whether these amazing 명품 are good for you to invest in or not.

Why are these handbags chosen?

Women are creatures of Vanity. They are easily influenced by stylish women featured in the 명품advertisements, thus, the vogue and the appealing aesthetics associated with owning one, drive most women to make a purchase.  Many women even confess that the simple reason for buying luxury bags is to put up with the latest trend or fad. But this is the Bird’s eye view.

There’s another perspective to it. A cheap handbag is made in a sweatshop using cheap labor that doesn’t last after a few items of washing or whose zipper breaks, handle falls off, stitching unravels, dirt starts sticking after some frequent use. Buying a quality product once that last decades and not having to spend over and over on the product is better than buying a cheap product for which you have to incur a regular cost, say every year. That sounds rational, right? This is the mindset of some women while making a purchase of a luxury handbag.

Luxury Handbags For Women

These handbags come with a built-in better quality

Some women believe that these luxury handbags offer superior quality than their cheap copies and thus can even last a lifetime. Yes, you heard that right, some premium designer bags do last a lifetime and are even passed on to the posterity as a legacy. It’s not as crazy as you may think.

These luxury bags look brand new even after decades of use due to the superior quality that they offer and also outlive their first users. After that, they can be handed to the next generation or even can be sold, being premium branded.

They are basic pieces of art

Another reason for buying designer bags is that they are art. The cheap handbags are nothing but an attempt to replicate the top designers.  So why not buy the original one in the first place that has a lot to offer. Also, these premium bags are economical as they have low maintenance. Even if some problem comes up with the product, the company fixes it free of cost.

There’s another reason associated with buying premium handbags i.e. reward. Women often reward themselves with such expensive gifts for working hard, accomplishing a milestone or just simply like to buy out of the amounts that they saved.