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lineaire geleiderail

What do you need for your industry? Do you have a variety of products that you want from this company? Charambrelan is the solution for you. Chambrelan is a conductor that provides various things about the various tools needed for the industry you are working in. What we have provided is, linear conductor, double handle, telescope guide pull out, and telescoopgeleiders.

What Things Chambrelan Provide?

  • A set of slide profiles that extend to the ball held by the ball cage and stop at the end stop. These are called Robust and reliable¬†telescoopgeleiders and linear guides. Other names for telescopic and linear guides are straight guides, guide rails, ball bearing guides, drawer guides, door guides, telescopic rails, sliding rails, sliding pieces, sliding hinges, or telescopic arms. Our products can be used as guides for drawers, door guides, keyboard guides, extendable tables, furniture guides, hanging guides, outer shelf pulls, showcases, counters, chest of drawers, filing cabinets, horizontal guides, and for some applications also vertical guides.
  • Linear Linear guides are systems consisting of fixed guide profiles containing one or more runners. With 15 types of carriages, equipped with balls or rollers, most of which are available in 2 lengths, we offer a wide range of options for light and regular load movements of between 5 and 600 kg per car.
  • Double This system consists of a handle with a central control knob that can be used to lock the drawer in different positions, ie in the closed position or the open position. Supplied as a complete set, with connecting rods that can be cut to the size of your drawer.
  • Pull out and tilt mechanism. This kit, provided as a complete set for one drawer, offers you the possibility to pull out the drawer and let it tilt at the same time. The extension length and tilt angle can easily be adjusted as needed.
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