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Want to check 20 Best Purple Weed Strains?



Since we first saw it, purple grass has caught our attention; it happened to all of us. Strains that acquire dark color shades can be for genetic or environmental reasons, or both at the same time. This sectionwill compile the best purple cannabis strains in the world, both regular and feminized photo dependent, auto-flowering, and rich in CBD. Want to check 20 Best Purple Weed Strains 1? Read more…

Who hasn’t heard of Purple Haze? And Purple Kush?

Because purple cannabis strains have always been trendy, a color synonymous with quality and exclusivity. You can choose from many seed formats within purple Kush genetics, native, regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and high-CBD strains. I know that it is not easy to choose, since not everyone knows these plants in-depth, but do not worry, this section is precisely for this, to see the differences between one and the other so that you can choose in the best way look carefully.

Seeds of purple native plants

Marijuana plants with purple flowers and leaves have always been there, as there are some among the pure or native varieties. If you’re a true puritan, preferring pure genetics and purple grass, here’s a list of some of the best:

  • Pakistan Chitral Kush: The best-selling pure purple variety nowadays. It is straightforward to grow, it is accustomed to arid and poorly irrigated soils, so it is very robust. It is recommended for people inexperienced for its strength, puritans for its genetics, and lovers of crossbreeding for its value for breeding.
  • Purple Maroc: The plants of Morocco can be considered hybrids since they are descended from Sativa but behave as it indicates them. Like those in Pakistan or Afghanistan, Moroccans handle stress very well, making them ideal for beginners in cultivation.

We have seen many varieties rich in cannabidiol arrive on the market in recent years. However, there are not many strains with high levels of CBD yet:

  • Purple Orange CBD: the most extensive, expensive, and laborious selection work that the Dinafem seed bank has ever done to date. More than 500 analyses of duly labeled plants were required to stabilize this purple, tasty, medicinal, and very resinous variety.
  • Purplematic CBD:The Royal Queen Seeds also presented it’s auto-flowering purple and rich in cannabidiol seeds. These are special seeds for novice growers who want purple medical cannabis, as they are straightforward to grow and will get good results.
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