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What are the industrial belts?



Industrial conveyor belts usually carry various kinds of objects from one area of a manufacturing facility to another which can include raw materials, parts, finished products, packaging, bottles as well as pallets or boxes of goods. It is very much important that industrial belts should be strong, durable as well as resistant to the facility’s environmental conditions, whether those conditions consist of moisture, oil, chemicals, or extreme temperatures.

Most of the correas Industriales are fabricated in order to handle high pressure and to resist abrasion. All of the conveyor belts should be flexible enough for the continuous operation around a series of rollers. Some of the belts are fabricated as one piece and are basically made up of a bendable rubber or a plastic material. Rigid plastic, fiberglass, or metal belts are basically composed of many interlocking or connected pieces. Wire mesh, fabrics such as cotton or wool, and also fiberglass are sometimes industrial belt materials.

To add up strength and support without compromising flexibility, most of the conveyor belts are actually fabricated with a core of a different kind of material which is basically thick fabric such as cotton or a plastic web or mesh. It is then coated with one or more outer layers that are most likely a rubber or a plastic material. Most widely seen used industrial belts are the flat belts.

They are usually similar to the black conveyors which are seen at some grocery stores. Most of the belts are basically driven by an electric motor and must be able to handle continuous use without many breaks. The speeds can be variable and each of the conveyor systems has adjustable speeds. Also many of the conveyor systems transport combustible or some flammable materials. In such a case, the belt should be anti-static so that it will not generate any electric shock that could cause an explosion or fire.

Our company is very much dedicated to the sales of industrial belts in Spain since 1965, therefore our experience in this field is very much broad. PIX belts are manufactured in India by a reputed company which in addition to the belts also manufactures some other rubber products which are of great quality and of high technology. Our team has worked really hard to achieve higher power factors as compared to most of the competing industrial belt brands present in the market.

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