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Best confinement foods for the New Mums



Best Confinement food Singapore

What is your main goal after giving birth? It is a loss of the post-partum weight gain and for that confinement, foods work the best.  Giving birth leads to weight loss and energy loss also so you will be feeling weak most of the time. Best Confinement food Singapore looks into the matter and to keep the lactation going, it prefers high iron-rich foods. After delivery, due to much blood loss, the iron level in the body decreases resulting in low milk production. A proper meal rich in iron will keep both you and your baby safe and healthy.

Best Confinement foods That You can rely on

  1. Red dates

To keep hydrated, breastfeeding mothers have to drink a lot of water and one milk boosting ingredient is the red date. It is a tea rich in iron used to replenish blood. You can drink it with warm water to ease digestion and also, keeps you comfortable on a long and tiring day. Professional help can give you a helping hand to maintain a proper diet during this time.

  1. Whole wheat pieces of bread

Whole wheat loaves of bread are fulfilling and nourishing with so many benefits. It carries essential minerals and vitamins to improve bowel health and prevent constipation. It also lowers heart diseases and the risk of heart attacks. If you are obese and it’s disturbing you, then this bread can help count your calories amazingly.

Best Confinement food Singapore

  1. Lean meat

In best Confinement Food Singapore, lean meat even tops the list. It contains lots of iron essential just after delivery. Newborns demand the mothers take in a lot of iron all through the day. Lean meats are such as chicken and pork without the fat as it is trimmed off. It is even great for losing weight easily. A confinement soup with lean meats is a faster way of burning all your calories.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric has a lot of healthy nutrients like Vitamin B, Vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium and it is great in fighting off infections pretty soon. Take a teaspoon of turmeric in lukewarm water and drink it for better effects. Using turmeric as spice gives the dish a strong flavor and sends the aroma. If you think your food is tasteless after birth, it is now the time to scrap the idea away.

  1. Pulses

Pulses like lentils, beans, and eggs are some excellent foods for post-partum moms. It makes exceptional breakfasts when cooked with other kinds of stuff also. These are highly rich in proteins making them highly great post-delivery diets.


These are some of the best confinement foods that you can find. Restore your energy fast so that you can take care of your newborn baby also.

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