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Different coffee stirrers: which one should you buy?



coffee stirrers

A coffee stirrer has a long body with a tiny spoon end. Some stirrers are plain flat with no spoon end. There are various forms and shapes of coffee stirrers available in the market. A coffee stirrer offers more versatility than a normal teaspoon. Using short spoons can scald your fingertips when you stir a hot cup. Some businesses use stirrers or stir sticks to enhance the look of their hot or cold beverages. You can often see coffee stirrers in coffee shops and cafes. It is also seen in restaurants, diners, and other places with delicious beverages on the menu. There are various kinds of stirrers or stir sticks and each is unique on its own.

Plastic stirrers

A plastic stirrer is perfect for drinks in coffee shops, break rooms, or even restaurants. You can also use a plastic plug to prevent your hot beverage from cooling down. Most plugs fit into standard-sized cup lids to prevent unfortunate leaks and spills. Plastic stirrers come in different stylish designs. Depending on your taste, you can make your cup even more fantastic. It is great for stirring milk, cream, or sugar into your coffee or tea. A durable plastic stirrer can withstand up to high temperatures. You can use a plastic stirrer for both hot and cold beverages. There are disposable plastic coffee stirrers now available on online shops. With a classy look, it is perfect for cocktails and other elegant drinks.

coffee stirrers 

Wood stirrers

Many coffee shops and cafes provide wood coffee stirrers to their customers. A smooth and flat design guarantees safe handling. This wooden stirrer can withstand heat and is durable. It is also very easy to use and perfect for hot liquids such as coffee, tea, and even soups. Most wood coffee stirrers are splinter-free to avoid any possible injuries. Establishments usually put wood stirrers in individual wraps. Choosing to use wood stirrers will reduce your impact.

Bamboo stirrers

Durable and splinter-free, a bamboo stirrer can withstand extreme heat. It offers resistance to expansion and contraction in hot or cold beverages. Choosing the eco-friendly bamboo stirrer will help Mother Earth. You can use this stirrer for various drinks, including coffee, juice, and tea. It is usually in paper wrap for a more economic packaging and proper hygiene.

A coffee stirrer recombines all the ingredients that start to separate in the cup. It ensures a more balanced and full-flavoured beverage. You can also use the stirrer to lower the temperature of the drink. The hollow, cylindrical shape of the coffee stirrers make them strong and durable. A flat solid stirrer will end up bent or broken under stress. Using coffee stirrers is also very convenient. You no longer need to wash any spoons and can throw the disposable coffee stirrers.

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