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Regulations against Corruption in Singapore Maritime Industry



Transparency in the Maritime Industry

Corruption can kill any organization and send it to the Hades faster than the speed of light. It is unfortunate that one of the major problems bedeviling the Singapore maritime industry is corruption and if this problem is not nipped in the bud, it can run the industry aground. All hands must be on the deck to bring this evil to book and put an end to it before it further damages the industry.  This is one of the reasons why Maritime Fairtrade has taken it upon itself to enlighten the stakeholders and general public in the Singapore maritime industry about the scourge of bribery and corruption that seems to be going on unabated in the industry. The intention is to get the general public aware of the ongoing and to encourage stakeholders in the Singapore maritime industry to take actions towards bringing corruption to the ground before it brings the industry down. One of the best ways to make things work out is via maritime bribery and corruption regulation.

Transparency in the Maritime Industry

Need for action

There is a need for action if bribery and corruption are to be brought to the ground in the Singapore maritime industry. If left unchecked, the problem can become the death of this industry and scare investors away. Every stakeholder needs to understand that corruption only favors a few while the majority will end up suffering for it. Yes, the action of a few will have a monumental negative effect on the majority. To make sure that this does not happen, it is in your best interest to always do everything within your power to stand against corruption. Maritime bribery and corruption regulation is essential if the problem is to be nailed and one of the best ways to start that is to ensure you do not engage in bribery and corruption as a stakeholder in the Singapore maritime industry.  Every stakeholder needs to bear this in mind since the problem can snowball to consume the entire industry if it is not corrected on time.

The onus is on you as a stakeholder to play your part towards seeing bribery and corruption off in the Singapore maritime industry and one of the best ways to start playing the role expected of you is by partnering with Maritime Fairtrade. What is more, the partnership will not cost you more than just a few minutes of your precious time and the earlier you joined the advocacy against bribery and corruption in the Singapore maritime industry the better for you as a stakeholder. No one can afford to sit on the fence; everyone must be up and doing since the problem can tickle down to all participants in the maritime industry in due time. The outcome will of course not be palatable if the problem is not addressed now.

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