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What type of CCTV camera do you need to use for your house or building?



In this era where crime is everywhere and it has already increased in numbers. Being safe is the most important thing in your life. That is why they invented the security camera. When you see security cameras in a building or a house you feel safe or less threatened. It is because everything is recorded and you have evidence whenever something happens. It is a great invention because when things go wrong you have strong evidence.

When you have no knowledge of buying a CCTV camera. This can help you on how it works and what CCTV cameras are perfect for that certain place. It is also helpful when you know the cctv camera price. So you can plan out your budget ahead of time when you’re on a tight budget.

Sometimes you don’t fully understand how CCTV works. There are CCTV cameras that have different features and styles. It will only matter where you need to put these cameras. For you to know more about it you can read below to learn more exciting information.

Dome Camera

It is the standard type of camera that is being used indoors. And because of its shape, it is called a Dome camera. This camera is only used for projects using daylight cameras.

Bullet type camera

The bullet camera is great for taking a picture of a certain area and it is often used at home. The physical appearance is described as cylindrical and thin. There is also another type of this camera called Ultra bullet. It appears to be small and it is cheaper compared to the other one. 

 C-mount camera

When you compare it to other CCTV cameras, this c-mount camera is more advanced. It is because of its detachable lens. You can change it whenever you like or when it is necessary. For example, you have a standard camera lens that only reaches about 40 feet. While the c-mount camera has a certain lens that can reach more than 40 feet.

Day and Night camera

The use of this camera can work on any kind of surroundings from bright to shady light. This camera will not need any infrared illuminations. As it can take a picture and video both in dark and light backgrounds. It is great for outdoor cameras because it can work out in great sunlight, glare, and backlight.

Night vision/Infrared camera

These CCTV cameras can see even if it is pitch black because it has infrared LEDs. This is often used during the night and outside places where there is no lighting that you can see.

Varifocal Camera

It is great for zooming in and out without losing focus on the subject. This camera is quite often used in reality shows because it gives high quality to the characters.

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